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I have written, illustrated and self published my first ebook. You can read it for free here.


Little Tree ebook is free to download on Google Play and Apple iBooks . Unfortunately Amazon Kindle won't allow me to list my book for free, it is available to download from their site at a low price.


If you appreciate my book I would love it if you could give me a review at any of these bookstores.


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With simple text and pictures this book tells the story of a little tree who gets sick and dies. At each stage of the story we get to look at the emotions the forest family goes through on their journey of grief.

For to adults and older children to reflect on alone, Little Tree can also be used as a starting point with younger children to discuss feelings they may have after a loss.

Little Tree ebook

Songs from the Land

Original Songs by New Zealand Song Leaders

I was lucky enough to be chosen to design the cover for the SLNA's first song book. A really fun project for me. 

The Song Leaders Network of Aotearoa have published their first song book that contains 34 songs written by members from around New Zealand. Through this publication SLNA is celebrating the creativity, passion and expertise of song leaders working in the community, in schools and in music therapy settings.


When you order your copy you will have 34 amazing original songs to use with your singing groups. Most songs are suitable for all ages and abilities and you are free to adapt them as you wish. The book comes with a learning CD so you can hear each melody and all the written harmony lines.

"Lets Go Eels"

I have worked with the author Robin Kermode on a literacy kitsets for her program Stories in Action.

The first part of this is "Let's Go Eels", a picture book, for which I did the design and illustrations. Robin was after a collage effect so I worked in conjunction with contributing illustrator Lori Davis and photographer Evotia Tamua. I also designed complementary resources: Creature Feature Cards, Flora Explorer Cards, Arrest the Pest Cards, New Zealand River Games and a NZ River Card pack.


If you are interested in finding out more about Stories in Action and to order a copy of "Let's Go Eels" and others resources visit the Stories in Action website.

Please contact me if you have a project I may be able to help you with.

Journey with New Zealand longfin eels as they travel 5000 km from their river home to their spawning grounds in the Pacific Ocean. Discover the taniwha (kaitiaki), a powerful, protector guardian
who assists the eels overcome obstacles, transforming into many creatures along the way.


Will the eels make it 

to where they are going? 

How can we protect them, 

now and in the future? 


This book is inspired by traditional Māori practices and mythology. A mix of text, photographs, and illustrations engage young people's imagination
and tells the story of the eels’ life cycle. 

Julie Bourla

Graphic Designer

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